How to use this site

This site is designed as a technology resource specifically tailored to the needs of Project Based learners.  Use the menu above to browse resources by category, and use the tag links to find similar resources.

The tools and resources are divided into a few main categories that follow the project process: Explore a topic, Design a Project, Learn, and Present!  It is this final section, Project Deliverables, that has been the most developed so far, as it seems to be the place where students need the most help.  If you are tired of powerpoints and posterboards as ways for students to show what they’ve learned, I’d head there first!

While designed as a resource specifically for students and teachers at Avalon School (, the site can be useful to anyone interested in Project Based Learning, whether as a component in a traditional classroom setting or as a school-wide curriculum.

Each post has a short description of the tool or resource, and then a second paragraph describing the specific way in which it can be used within Project Based Learning (PBL).

You can click on the left to receive updates by email (and can set it so it is only weekly, if you’d like to avoid the deluge).

Questions, comments, suggestions can be emailed to me directly – see contact info on right!


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