Diigo – Collect, Record, and Save online resources


Diigo is a cite similar to delicious – it is a resource tool to bookmark, highlight, and takes notes from online resources.  Simply highlight the text or page you are reading and add it to your diigo account.  You can tag and organize notes for easier reference later.  I often use the tagging system to help students organize larger research papers – it can help them see what the structure of the paper will be.

Here’s a video explanation of the tool, take from Diigo’s website:

Project Based Learning (PBL): Diigo calls itself a cloud-based information management tool.  This is wonderful for PBLers.  First, since it is cloud-based, students do not need to worry which computer they were at and, maybe more importantly, they don’t have to print every resource they find.  Students can read the page directly on the screen and highlight, annotate, and bookmark notes right into their diigo page.  Second, as online resources become an even higher percentage of our students’ research, they need a powerful tool to keep track of it all – diigo is it!  Diigo is similar to Evernote, another information management tool.


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