GoAnimate – Create Animations online

GoAnimate is an online animation tool.  It is free, relatively intuitive, and you can log in with your school google account.  While the paid, premium version offers a lot of additional features, the free account should suffice for most simple project needs.

While I say it is relatively intuitive, the complications arise because of the freedom to control nearly all aspects of the animation – such control necessitates a little complexity and a decent learning curve as well.  There are scores of tutorials and how-to videos to help with your animation, and I found that with those handy I could create a simple video without struggling too much.

You can record your own vocals or use their built in text-to-speech set up, which was surprisingly decent.

Here’s a video to give you a peek at GoAnimate:

Project Based Learning:  I think this could be used for any project – in the very least, the character could be a teacher delivering the necessary information.  More creative ideas would be easily done as well – you could mimic science concepts (and narrate as they go), remake scenes from fiction, give historical speeches (with the related events unfolding in the background).  You could also just make something funny: a little creativity never hurt!

Check it out: GoAnimate


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