Dragontape – Video Mashups


Dragontape is an extremely simple video editing tool used to take existing footage (from youtube, vimeo, a few others) and edit them together – like I did with mix-tapes when I was 10.  While you do have to sign-in to save your project, since you are working with existing clips from the web, there is no downloading and it isn’t a burden on the school computers.

Here’s the basic intro from the Dragontape website, but it does focus on more audio than video, which I don’t think would be as useful for project deliverables:

Project Based Learning: The most common way I’ve seen this used is when students take scenes found on youtube (most often trailers for movies) and remix them into a trailer for something else – like a book they’ve just read.  There are some really interesting and well done examples out there.

It could also be used effectively for a media studies project – highlighting the way news coverage varies, exploring themes in the media, or identifying rhetorical techniques employed by commercials.

Here’s a trailer for Tim O’Brien’s In The Lake of the Woods which I read with some kids last week (and you should note that there isn’t an actual movie version of the book, most of the scenes were taken from What Lies Beneath, but it works well):


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