Timelines.tv – History Resource

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 7.17.10 AM Timelines.tv is a nice collection of video resources on British and (some) U.S. history.  Five main timelines (three British History, one U.S. (western expansion), and the history of Smallpox) are explored, with video explanations at major periods.  The timelines overlap each other, so it is easy to place each in context.  A really solid resource, as long as the project falls within the detailed time period.

Here’s a sample of the quality of video, this one exploring the rise of factories throughout England:

Project Based Learning:  Beyond being a really strong resource, it could also serve as a nice example of a well-made deliverable, the kind students could make themselves with tools like Tiki-Toki, Timeline by Verite, and other timeline makers.  Many of those allow students not only to create their own timelines, but – using some video and audio editors – students could create all the material, not just aggregate media already produced.


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