Printing Press – Templates

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 6.50.54 AMPrinting Press – a tool from the lovely – offers simple, very easy to use templates for creating brochures, newspapers, and flyers.  Each of those three offer some variation within, and all are very straightforward.

While the tool does limit your options in terms of customization, I find that it is easier for the students to manage than most of the Microsoft Word templates, and doesn’t require any program or downloads.  Overall, I think the lack of options is made up for by the simple set-up.

Project Based Learning (PBL):  Flyers and brochures are commonly used as deliverables and Printing Press‘s versions are slick and very useable.  Flyers especially seem to be used a lot as students work on their health standards – some information on nutrition, a few graphics here and there, some advice for healthy eating on the back.  Newspapers, however, I think would be a far more interesting deliverable.  Students could create a newspaper from a certain day in history – past or future – and talk about all the things that would have made the front page.  For a little more fun, students could create a more Onion-like newspaper.


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