Wideo – Create Animated Videos

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 6.42.37 AMWideo is a web tool that helps students create online animated videos.  It is relatively easy to use and fun to play around with.  While you do need to create a log in, the basic free version should have plenty of options for student projects.  When finished, projects are hosted online and can be embedded in class blogs or student web pages.  While I don’t think it is as powerful as Go Animate!, I do think it is intuitive and fun.

I’ve made a very rudimentary animation here (don’t judge the program by my poor skills – I did not invest much time….): Person falling down mountain.

Project Based Learning:  Much like creating Cartoons or Comic Strips with similar programs, animations can serve a lot of purposes.  The first that comes to mind is a simple narrative explaining a concept, wether history, science, or math, much in the way a Common Craft video would.


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