PowToon: Create Animated Presentations!

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 9.24.20 AM

PowToon is an online program that allows students to create simple, animated presentations online.  The program does require a log-in and its free version does have some limitations, but I think it is still more than powerful enough to be useful.  Animations are simple to create and are designed to replace powerpoints – they can come off very similar to Common Craft type videos.

Unlike GoAnimate and Wideo, Powtoon does not allow you to control every aspect of the project – it is closer to a drag and drop type program, using their templates (which are many) to get your idea across.

I made this one – it didn’t too long and is pretty fun to play with:

Project Based Learning:  Much like the animation programs mentioned earlier, Powtoon can be used to create an explanation of any learning – how does osmosis work?  What are the cycles of the moon?  What does the Supreme Court do?  What does Holden Caulfield’s red hat symbolize?  Since custom, recorded audio can be added easily, narrating the slides is also simple (and important!).  However, unlike both GoAnimate! and Wideo, with Powtoon, you are creating more of a presentation than a full on animation.


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