Lucidchart – flow charts and diagrams



Lucidchart is a tool that can help you easily create online diagrams and flow charts.  Lucid chart’s biggest advantage over similar tools is that it works directly with google drive.  This allows you to save easily to your google account, but also to share the charts with others and collaborate, just like you would with normal google docs.

Here’s a quick explanation from the Lucidchart’s site:

Project Based Learning:  LucidChart can be a useful part of a project throughout the process.  First, webs and brain maps can be useful in brainstorming topics as students seek connections between subjects, their questions, and their interests.  Second, webs can also be useful in the planning stage, as students identify all the steps required to complete the project – maps can help them visualize the process.  Finally, as a project deliverable, flow charts could be used to describe any process – a family tree (or gene pool), economic and trade relationships, or even as a step-by-step guide or decision tree (example:  Should you eat that food off the floor?).


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