Scratch – Programming interactive games and stories



Scratch is a program that helps students use coding language to program games and interactive stories. Similar to Stencyl, Scratch is a downloadable program. It does require some coding knowledge, but the site is full of guides, wonderful step-by-step tutorials, and how-to videos. Scratch is its own programming language, but those skills transfer easily to some of the basic languages out there.

Need more resources for coding in general, check out Codecademy or some of the Coursera online courses!

Here’s an introductory video, from Scratch’s website:

Project Based Learning: Scratch can be used in all sorts of projects. First, it is itself a project – the deliverable of a “Learning to Code” project. Second, especially once students possess the necessary skills, programmed games could be fun ways to force characters within the story to provide the content of the project. For example, a character could be from a fiction story, and the game is an interactive version of the plot and its major conflicts. Students could also force characters to ‘discover’ evolution by collecting all the major pieces of evidence that led to the theory. Finally, it could be a creative outlet for their own fiction.


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