Evernote – Organization and Research tool for students


Evernote is a wonderful app and website designed to help organize research, keep track of important dates, and manage projects. Evernote can be used as a web-based application, which works great for school computers, but also has a downloadable client for personal computers and a nice app for mobile devices. All versions can sync with each other – work from home with the program version, then sign in at school and pick up where you left off. When used effectively, Evernote is a very powerful tool and could be great for students.

Here’s a really nice blog post about some of the educational uses of Evernote: Rich Lambert’s “An attempt at the definitive summary of teacher uses”.

Here’s a quick intro video:

Project Based Learning: Research on the web is often harder to keep track of then with traditional books – how to you remember when you find a good site? How do you remember where that quote came from? How do you site it all? Evernote can help with all that. When Evernote is installed, simply highlight the text you want to keep from your resource and add it to evernote (with just a click). Evernote will note the URL and the time/date stamp so you can properly site it later. Further, you can go into your Evernote Notebook and add tags, helping to organize those enormous research paper (tags could be used to categorize which paragraph or point a certain quote will fall within). Finally, within Evernote, you can create mutiple ‘notebooks’, giving you an easy option to break down projects, classes, and other important groups.


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