Weavly – Create mash-ups from youtube



Weavly is an online tool that allows students to create their own videos from existing content – easily bring videos in from youtube or other sites (including SoundCloud and Loopcam) and edit them together. It is like creating a collage from magazine pictures, except it is video and audio clips instead of tiny cut out pictures. This is a much better option than trying to download the video to the computer desktop, upload back to a video editor, and then publish on a separate hosting site.

To understand what a mash-up is, here is a different take on the Christmas classic, Home Alone:

Here’s a clever video from Weavly’s youtube site, making a Walt Disney version of Sin City:

Project Based Learning: The above video is a good example of the type of work that can be done with Weavly. Instead of making a Walt Disney version of Sin City, students could create trailers for books they’ve read or explain other concepts – like the Hero’s Journey or other literary archetypes – using examples already found on youtube.


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