CK-12 – Free Textbooks and resources

CK-12 is an incredible collection of free, open-sourced textbooks (or “flexbooks” in their lingo). CK-12 Flexbooks are well-written, broken apart by subject, topic, and standard, and are very well developed. Most textbooks include an interactive portion, most often in the form of simple worksheets or review questions. Currently, CK-12 offers a complete curriculum for most of the math and science courses offered in high school (including biology!), as well as a scattering of the humanities.

After selecting a few examples and digging into the material, I must say I am overly impressed with the content: professional, clean, and very well developed. I’d encourage you to take a few minutes, select a textbook, and read a section for yourself.

Here’s a short video explaining how CK-12 can be used:

Project Based Learning (PBL): This is a nice resource for independent, self-guided learning. While I do understand that this sort of resource does not technically lead to a project, independent learning like this is still something we see often as part of the overall picture of their education. These courses are easily mapped to the standards, easily tracked with user accounts, and highly accessible (they can be accessed online anytime or downloaded onto any number of devices, including phones, ipads, and their computers).

Check out CK-12 and come back and let us know what you think? Which courses did you try? Was it successful?


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