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PressBooks is an online tool designed to create, manage, and publish ebooks. With PressBooks, you can create a product that can be viewed online, on your computer (pdf or epub format), and even on your eReader device, like a kindle, nook, or ipad. PressBooks is totally free (for up to 5 books per account) and comes with a lot of templates to help get you started. Easily add images, links, and other important information. Pressbooks is built on the same platform (and by the same people) as, the site that hosts this blog. While there are a few other eBook makers out there, this is the best free one I’ve found yet. I highly recommend it:

Project Based Learning (PBL): eBooks are a great deliverable idea. While creating traditional books has long been used as strong deliverables, the digital version can take it a few steps further. First, whether or not anyone ever actually reads it, it has the ability to be released to an actual, public audience. This adds an important level of authenticity and relevance to the work. Second, seeing their work displayed on an iPad is a really cool experience for a lot of students, and that can also add a desire to be more professional – the product matters.

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