Inklewriter – Create Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Stories!

Inklewriter is a site that allows you to easily make Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Stories! Inklewriter has a nice, clean interface and is relatively easy to navigate. I’ve had students try and create these types of interactive stories before – the old-fashioned way – and it was a giant mess (it was a Zombie Apocalypse story, and it certainly felt like an apocalypse…). This helps students organize the various threads of the stor, and connect the correct plot lines together, a task that can become monumental as the story grows and its threads multiply.

Here’s a video from inkleWriter’s site:

Project Based Learning (PBL): Most obviously, I think it can be a very clever creative writing project. The Zombie choose your own adventure mentioned above was very fun, beyond the whole two months late total disaster of a project thing. It helped students think about the important concepts of fiction writing (plot, character, detail, setting) in a way that really appealed to them. Especially well described and creative (not to mention gruesome) were the death scenes – I remember something about how nothing was as satisfying as a hard earned (and properly salted) piece of shin.

Beyond that, I do think this could be used cleverly for other projects, including history (what if different decisions had been made!), science (evolution by choice?), and various health-related projects (nutrition choices, safety choices, personal habits, drugs, teen pressure, etc). Let me know if you think of other great ideas!


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