Tiki-Toki – Create stunning interactive timelines

Tiki-Toki is another web-based application designed to help create interactive timelines. Similar to others I’ve posted about (see: Timelines), Tiki-Toki allows you to upload different media types, including your own voice over recordings. While I do like other sites like Dipity and Timeline by Verite, Tiki-Toki has to be one of my favorites visually, and actually seems to have a simpler interface than some of theother comprable tools.

One possible downside is that Tiki-Toki does require a log-in, though a free account can get students most of the features.

Here’s an example from their website, a timeline tracing the development of Modernist Indian Art in India, while showing relevant historical events on a parallel timeline: Modernist Art in India.

Project Based Learning (PBL): Interactive Timelines are one of the most versatile deliverables I can think of, especially if you get beyond simple history projects. Since you can set the time range and interval, you could use the timeline to display enormous time lapses like the life-cycle of a star, year-length timelines like shadow lengths at different times of the year (for a project about seasons and the tilt of the earth’s axis), or tiny, magnified timelines for traveling light/sound waves. I think timelines can also be a clever way to teach about various scientific proceses. Current events and media studies could be interesting as well – a student could trace the development (and eventual spin) of a story as it plays out in major media of the course of a few weeks.

(Of course, timelines probably also work for history projects, too…).

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