Flash Game Maker on Sploder!

Make My Own Game – Flash Game Maker on Sploder!.

Sploder is a website that helps build simple flash games. Though it doesn’t have the options that some of the other tools have (you have to choose a basic template), it is a fairly user-friendly, mostly drag-and-drop type builder.

Project-Based Learning: While it isn’t as open and flexible as stencyl, Sploder still allows kids to work within the game-design field, and it doesn’t really require coding ability, making it more accessible in general. Students can use the puzzle or quest game to explore or recreate ideas related to their projects. (Or just spend some time designing a puzzle – that alone requires some serious brain power!)

From their website: Sploder is online game software that allows people to create cool games and publish them on the web. Sploder even allows you to easily put Flash games on your site without having to learn Flash.

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